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November 9th, World Orphans Day.

Today we do not celebrate, but want to draw people's attention to this acute social problem, sometimes invisible in the daily bustle. About three million children worldwide today ignore the caress of a loving mother and the support of a father's shoulder.

Their childhood and adolescence pass between the walls of boarding schools, warmed by a single dream: to have a family. There are different situations, but the fact is that innocent children live, hope, and believe that not all adults do not know how to love.

Today is the day that reminds us that you can always help orphans! Whether it's warm clothes or the warmth of human interaction, creative kits or a picture drawn together, sweets or the joy of playing hide-and-seek together.

There are many options!

We do everything in our power to ensure that every child is immersed in warmth,

care and love!



tel: +336 79-97-46-75


18 Boulevard Victor HUGO

Nice, 06000, France


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