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Isida Fondation, Charité, aide aux enfants,

« Good is eternal ultimate goal our life. The good you do from the bottom of your heart...

you always do to yourself. »

Leo Tolstoy

       Today, charity occupies a huge place in public life. People participate in this field for a variety of reasons, following individual motives and goals. Of course, this fact is good news. But, at the same time, it's frustrating that charitable fraud is really common. According to statistics, 80% of those who have decided to make their material contribution to this noble cause do not track where their funds actually go.

       And as you know, human compassion, responsiveness and trustfulness are always easy money. Frankly speaking, I myself personally and many of the people close to me more than once fell for the tricks of criminals in this area. Perhaps this also prompted us to create our own charitable foundation with the most transparent public accountability and clear statutory documents. Thus, our investors will always be able to make sure that their investments are worthwhile.

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By becoming a member or/and partner of the ISIDA Foundation, you’ll have access to all reporting documents, to our charity events and many gift souvenirs will be reserved for you. As a token of our gratitude, active and honorary members of the ISIDA Foundation will be given discounts and gift certificates from our partners. By mutual agreement, we will tell about you on our website and in our social networks by publishing an article with thanks and a link to your profile.

Isida Foundation, Charité, aide aux enfants,

To become a member of the ISIDA Foundation, which implies an annual material contribution, ensuring the steady growth of our opportunities !


Make an annual contribution of 100€ or 200€.


Also, each of you has the opportunity, along with the material, to make your personal contribution to any of the areas of our foundation:

- Contribution to the projects and goals of the ISIDA Foundation.

- Active participation in our events.

- Using your knowledge and professional skills for the benefit of the fund, etc.

Make an annual contribution of 300€ or 500€.

A special type of membership, which is distinguished by the most significant assistance and a rather significant contribution to the development of our foundation.

Make an annual contribution of at least  5 000€.

Isida Foundation, Charité, aide aux enfants,

Along with a material contribution, non-material support is also extremely valuable!

If you feel a potential in yourself and are ready to help us with a word, deed, important acquaintances, or connections. Perhaps you have your own ideas about a mutually beneficial relationship, we are always ready and open to new suggestions !

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Isida Foundation, Charité, aide aux enfants,

You can make a one-time contribution for any amount without registration or any obligation, wright now :

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