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Elita Bagirov présidente de la fondation  ISIDA

Elita Bagirova

Foundation President

«The desire to serve the common good must certainly be a need of the soul,

a condition for personal happiness.»

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Quite often, biographical stories of interesting people who have found their destiny tell about some sad experience or an extremely difficult life period, which became the starting point for the transition to a qualitatively new standard of living.


I'm really lucky to be born already happy. I am one of those for whom “a glass of water is always half full” and the theme of charity has always been present in my life in one way or another.


Cheerfulness returns to me with constant luck and easy realization of everything I have planned🤗

Acceptance of people as they are and the ability to forgive gives peace and tranquillity.

Confidence that if the plan is not realized, then everything will turn out differently - much better

than one might have imagined - helps to perceive difficulties as new opportunities !


All this and many other simple, but old as the world truths, give me an unshakable inner strength !

And not me alone. Recently, more and more people choose a conscious lifestyle.

Many of us today understand that true happiness and spiritual harmony do not depend on material values.


Of course, money is an important component of our life, which provides us with convenience and freedom. But joy and pleasure are temporary conditional phenomena, for which the hormones dopamine and endorphin are responsible. And in order to experience these feelings with renewed vigor, the “dosage” has to be constantly increased. This means that the more we try to get, the less we own, each time losing in an attempt to fill the inner emptiness.

«It is good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good too,

to check up once in a while and make sure you haven't lost the things money can't buy.»

George Horace Lorimer

The search for happiness in the outer world will never be successful.

Happiness is an unconditional option, embedded in the "basic package" of each of us and does not depend on wealth, success or recognition of others. And to be or not to be happy is our personal choice !!

That is why I say YES and choose:

Be grateful to this world for everything !

Give each of you my unconditional and unlimited love!

Send only positive emotions to others !

Share the ability to love and appreciate what we already have!!

The key point is that only BY GIVING WE ARE REALLY FILLED.


It makes us really happy to know that WE CONTRIBUTE TO THE LIVES OF OTHERS !

It is then that our life acquires meaning, gives a feeling of deep happiness,

independent of external factors !

I know that millions will support me and


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