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Don't be afraid to ask for help!

True strength is not in going through hell and high water alone, but in the ability to admit weakness. It lies in the ability to recognize that the situation is in deadlock, to admit that you are afraid and that you feel bad and to be able to ask for help. This is important, particularly when it is really necessary!

Isida Foundation

We live in a society and we depend on it to a certain point. And that dependence is perfectly normal. It provides us with the advantages of civilization. It's hard to climb alone on a mountaintop. As well as how hard it is to build a corporation.

Feel free to ask for help. If you are in a difficult situation, do not hesitate to communicate with everybody around you, to post distress messages, to call. You wouldn't believe how many caring people are around you. Then life will shine new colors.

Perhaps you or somebody you know needs help now ?

Just write. We're here to help .



tel: +336 79-97-46-75


18 Boulevard Victor HUGO

Nice, 06000, France


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